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At Electronic Science, we believe in creating an environment conducive to the progression of technology and ideas that have a profound impact on and implications for our society and the environment. Inspired by the ethos of research and development we believe that the solutions to many present-day challenges lie in the realms of collaboration, ideas exchange, and technology. 

Electronic Science is also a technology consultancy and a product based company providing solutions to problems in diverse sectors such as recruitment, education, computer gaming and medical informatics. 

One of our main objectives is to facilitate close collaboration between practitioners, researchers and scientists in order to create an environment where scientific research can help solve real-world problems and where real-world problems can inform scientific research.

Working closely with like-minded organisations, our aim is to create the next generation of solutions for both commercial and non-commercial use. Our team at ES have a diverse skill-set and a range of expertise. Learn more about us in our capabilities section