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June 22, 2020 2 min read
Automation in recruitment


Recruitment2 min read

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Hiring talent has never been more challenging for human resource professionals.

Not only do those in the recruitment sector need to stay up to date on new employment legislation and emerging workplace trends, but recent innovation in the sector has increased competition and candidates’ expectations. 

It takes time and money to find the correct person to fill a role and an efficient human resource department or external agency is important for any organisation to truly reach its potential. 

Many traditional recruitment agencies and human resource departments that have not adapted new technology lag behind in their candidate search. Systems that once worked are now considered cumbersome and outdated for both recruiter and applicant. 

Juggling emails with spreadsheets and using poorly functioning search systems wastes time for the recruiter and may result in a loss of potential talent. Integrating technology that automates these processes can help the recruiter find the best talent. 

Where we come in

Electronic Science offers comprehensive recruitment management software that saves time and money by streamlining the hiring process.

Our solution takes care of everything from initial job advertisement through to job offer, allowing the recruiter to focus their attention on other areas such as candidate assessment, selection and providing feedback.

Once applications are received, our technology screens and filters applications to select the very best talent for your industry. 

Hiring processes are costly on a business, with large budgets allocated to finding and training talent each year. Our software provides clients with real time data analytics and insight reports that allow agencies to improve the efficiency of the hiring process, ultimately improving an organisation’s return on investment.

We create a positive user experience for the candidate, which helps with talent attraction and solidifying a company’s brand. 

Our bespoke recruitment management system ensures a fool proof hiring system, get in touch for more information. 

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