User Experience Design1 min read

July 3, 2020 < 1 min read


User Experience Design1 min read

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How user experiences and interacts with a website, app or piece of software, can have a large impact on a business’ success. Ease of use is the key factor in engaging your customers and clients, ensuring they return to your website or continue to utilise your software. 

Clunky retail websites, for example, that require a user to visit several pages before finally reaching a checkout page are counter-intuitive and can repel customers from returning. 

At Electronic Science we design products that put the user first. We work to make your product as engaging and straight forward as possible by combining market research, product development, strategy and design. 

We do this by looking at user behaviour and carrying out some background research on the types of clients that visit your website, use your apps or software. We consider how the user interacts with certain features, how long they stay on certain pages and why they decide to close a tab at a certain time, to create a product that meets their needs and expectations.