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June 22, 2020 < 1 min read
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Gaming1 min read

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Video gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. It was valued at $151.55 billion in 2019 and that figure is only expected to go north in the next five years. 

One of the largest developments within the sector in recent years has been cloud gaming. With distribution services allowing processing and rendering to take place ‘in the cloud’, smaller mobile devices can play now powerful games.

More demand for video games means new publishers are entering the market. Competing against the bigger studios that have been around for decades may seem daunting, particularly with a lesser budget. In this market, every business decision matters. 

Where we come in

From building virtual escape rooms to the platforms that players buy experiences on, Electronic Science creates a high quality and immersive apps and software for our clients and their players. 

Our team of leading developers and programmers are equipped to develop engaging video games for consoles, PC and mobile devices.

We have also been involved in virtual reality and augmented reality projects, with one of our latest projects supporting artists, who can use the augmented reality objects we have created for their own projects. 

Check out our products:

  • 3rdEye
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