Medical Informatics1 min read

June 22, 2020 < 1 min read
Automation in medical sector


Medical Informatics1 min read

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Healthcare workers and administrators can waste hours of their time on inefficient and outdated computers. Often the systems they use don’t interact with each other which leads to a longer workflow and increased paperwork.  

The sector can hugely benefit from the integration of new technologies and automated processes. With the possibility to store patient records and data safely in one system, hours of paperwork can be reduced which means employees can focus their attention on treating patients.

With more visible data available in one central system, processes can be shortened. Other functions allow managers to track and monitor business progress, ensuring optimal efficiency for a department. 

How we can help

With advice from expert consultants we have developed a system that can transform patient care. Users of our products can complete tasks in a small number of clicks which frees up a lot of time. Electronic Science works with both the private and public healthcare sector to create a tailor-made healthcare management system that aims to increase efficiency within departments.

Whether it’s an intensive care unit that needs an easier approach to scheduling and managing orders or a radiology department that wants quick access to detailed clinical information, our user-friendly software connects the dots. 

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