Social Organisations1 min read

July 3, 2020 < 1 min read


Social Organisations1 min read

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Book clubs, art groups, sports clubs and activist groups are organisations that depend on membership to operate. With registration forms, copy of identification and fees, membership is often tedious to organise.

If you’re part of a cycling club, things can become more complicated when the lead organiser has to figure out insurance fees and the cost of race entries and relay that to each member. That job becomes even more cumbersome the more your membership increases.

At Electronic Science our software designers, have a solution to your problem. We develop features that make it easier to handle new member applications, registrations. Our tailor-made product can have a central portal that allows communication between management and each of the members involved.

Our system has a multitude of features that allows members to pay online, which means that responsibility doesn’t fall to just one person. Other features can enable notifications for when an item of the news item is posted and messaging capabilities between members.

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