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June 22, 2020 < 1 min read
Automation in Education


Education1 min read

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The opportunities that automation brings to this sector are endless. Not only can technology allow administrators, management and educators to save time and money, but if implemented correctly systems can create new online learning experiences for students. 

Unfortunately educational institutes are slow to adapt technologies that ultimately save time and cost. The automation gap between the education sector and others has become more apparent with Covid 19, as universities and institutes are forced to bring their teaching online – a scenario many were unprepared for. 

Whether it’s incorporating a system that processes and assesses the top applicants for an academic programme or onboarding software for new students, Electronic Science offers a variety of solutions. 

What do we do in this sector?

Our sophisticated educational software system has helped academic institutes better deal with running courses and programs. 

We tailor our services for each of our clients depending on their requirements. Our onboarding software allows institutes to find suitable candidates and enrol students to courses. 

The software provides an interactive learning platform which gives students a new level of support and engagement in their learning. Students can access uploaded lecture notes and learning materials and there are also options to submit assignments online. 

For teachers and lecturers, the software enables quick access to student profiles and there’s an option to communicate through the platform, which facilitates quick responses and increases personal interaction. 

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Electronic Science’s offerings. 

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